Contamination Response Webinar


EPA is hosting a webinar on contamination response procedures, which is scheduled for next Tuesday depending on the government shutdown. This webinar will discuss the development of training and response exercises to distribution system contamination. For more information click here.

Exercising Procedures for Responding to Contamination Incidents

DATE:           January 8, 2019

TIME:            1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

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New Resilience Resources from EPA

df8707508a67acec37917abedcd033a8EPA’s Water Security Division has shared multiple opportunities to improve resilience including a webinar, guidance document, and a new product.

Designing an Integrated Water Quality Surveillance and Response System

DATE:              February 12, 2019

TIME:               1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

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This webinar will provide examples where Water Quality Surveillance and Response Systems have been fully implemented. It will also feature a new tool that identifies improvements in existing surveillance and response strategies. For more information on this webinar click here.

Guidance for Responding to Drinking Water Contamination Incidents

This document provides guidance on responding to contamination incidents and involves coordination at the local, state, regional, and federal level. This document also includes descriptions of training and exercises used to improve incident response. For more information and access to this document click here.

Planning for Contamination Primer

This document is meant to enhance utility preparedness during a contamination incident and provides a stepwise process to completing emergency response procedures. States can access this document here to review the utility emergency response process.

Tell Your Story at AWRA


The American Water Resources Association is calling for poster and oral presentation abstracts, workshops, and topical sessions related to improving water infrastructure and resiliency for their AWRA 2019 Summer Specialty Conference.  Abstracts will be categorized under the following themes with multiple subtopics:


  • Water Infrastructure and Resilience
  • Natural Hazards, Climate Risks and Adaptation
  • Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • Water and Society
  • Regional Themes

Abstract Deadline:    February 25, 2019

For more information on this opportunity click here.

New WARN Video Helps Debunk Myths

Taking a lighthearted approach, EPA has developed a video that takes a look at some of the myths that surround the WARN program (Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network).  State security coordinators should take a look and then share the video with their water systems and assistance providers who may work with folks who still are unsure about the value of WARN.

To view the video, click here.  Click this link for more information about mutual aid and assistance through WARN programs.

Laboratory and Field Response

LabNext week EPA is hosting a webinar entitled Preparing for Sampling and Analysis in Response to Distribution System Contamination Incidents. This webinar will focus on laboratory and field response capabilities to  contamination incidents and will cover the following:

  • Analytical Methods
  • Priority Contaminants
  • Emergency Response Sampling kits
  • Field Testing Equipment

More detailed information on this webinar can be found here.

Preparing for Sampling and Analysis in Response to Distribution System Contamination Incidents

DATE:                       December 11, 2018           

TIME:                        1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

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Tabletop Exercise Tool for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities

EPA’s Water Security Division has just updated the Tabletop Exercise (TTX) Tool for drinking water and wastewater utilities.  The TTX tool provides users with the resources to plan, conduct and evaluate tabletop exercises. The 2018 version of the TTX tool contains 12 customizable all-hazards scenarios (e.g., natural disasters, man-made incidents) that will assist utilities to practice, test and help improve emergency response plans and procedures.

To download the TTX tool (zip file) and view the different scenarios, click here.

Emergency Fuel Preparedness

WaterISACWaterISAC and the National Association of Water Companies are hosting an upcoming webinar, Emergency Fuel – Planning for Preparedness. This webinar will focus on strategies utilities can use to maintain fuel supplies after a disaster. Topics covered in this webinar will include utility emergency fuel supply plans, the role of emergency management agencies in the preparation and response for emergency fuel, and fuel delivery during an emergency. Additional details on this webinar can be found here.

DATE:                        November, 14 2018

TIME:                        2:00-3:00PM (Eastern)

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Partnerships for Better Preparedness


EPA’s Water Security Division, in collaboration with the DHS National Information Sharing Consortium, are hosting a webinar next week on Connecting Emergency Management Agencies and Water Utilities.

This webinar is designed to help both water utilities and emergency management agencies improve preparedness and better safeguard drinking water quality during emergencies. It will review opportunities for water utilities and emergency management agencies to coordinate on developing  clear unified messages and cover how they can share their emergency capabilities and issue access cards.

The webinar also will feature case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of synchronization between water utilities and emergency management agencies and highlight how this partnership improved preparedness.

Connecting Emergency Management Agencies and Water Utilities

DATE:              October 18, 2018

TIME:               1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

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Improving Resiliency

Drinking Water Utility


EPA’s Water Security Division is hosting a series of webinars this November that focus on exploring funding and technological opportunities for water infrastructure development to improve drinking water resilience. Register for any of the following webinars here.



Increasing Support for Water Resilience

DATE:          November 1, 2018

TIME:           1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

This webinar will use successful utility case studies to validate activities that aim to increase support from the public and decision makers on infrastructure investments.

Incorporating Resilience Technologies

DATE:              November 8, 2018

TIME:               1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

This webinar will focus on the available resilience technologies that can be applied to every utility size. Case studies will show participants how to better plan emergency response and recovery.

Leveraging Funding Resources to Build Resilience

DATE:              November 15, 2018

TIME:               1:00-2:00PM (Eastern)

This webinar will cover sources of funding for drinking water utilities to invest in resilience projects, and this will also be demonstrated through case studies.

EPA WSD Shares Earthquake Response Tools

Today, EPA has released three tools that drinking water and wastewater utilities can use to prepare for and respond to the impacts of earthquakes. These products include:


  • Earthquake Resilience Video
  • Earthquake Resilience Guide, and
  • Earthquake Interactive Maps.

The video, guide and maps were developed to help utilities identify if they are located in earthquake hazard areas, encourages them to take steps to understand the potential earthquake impacts, and provides actions on how to address potential risks.

Downloads of the three new tools and more information on earthquake resilience is available at:


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